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Iceland 2021 – Part 3: #08 Westfjords Budir to Hornvik


After a short night sleep we woke up early (it never gets dark ;)) and ate quick breakfast. Weather was looking beautiful so we preapared to leave to our next stop.

Our plan for our Westfjords hike:

Day 1: Arrive at Hesteyri and hike to Budir

Day 2: Hike from Budir to Hornvik with a detour to the cliffs

Day 3: Hike around the Horn at Hornvik

Day 4: Hike from Hornvik to Veidileysufjördur to catch the boat at 10AM

Day 2: Hike from Budir to Hornvik with a detour to the cliffs

Quick facts
Distance18,1 km
Elevation gain581 hm

Departure from Budir

Good morning sunshine

After breakfast we started our hike of course with a river crossing (very cold). Along the way we passed a small yellow house followed by the first climb along a waterfall.

From the top of the waterfall the views back to Budir are wonderful. After the waterfall the climb continues another 300hm to a pass leading to the other side of th Fjord. The last part up to the pass was a bit tricky because of wet gravel and sands from melting snow and a small but steep icefield.

The view back to Budir

The following part was not that spectacular. Some snowfields, some rivers to cross. It can be described as hiking down and up again to the next pass, from which we were able to spot the Horn for the first time.

View from the Pass, looking at the horn

Before heading to Hornvik campsite we decided to detour and have an extended break at the cliffs to the left of Hornvik. This detour is about 1h one way, but so worth it 🙂

From the highest point to sea level it is about 400-500m.

There is a tongue in the center which leads you down with spectacular views of the cliffs and all the birds flying around like sea gulls and puffins.

Spectacular views

Time to relax a bit and enjoy nature.

We stayed there for a decent amount of time before heading back to the intersection where we started our detour. The area looks a bit like a long bay and if you are lucky you can spot arctic foxes running around and hunting sea gulls.

We were lucky to spot an arctic fox running around and looking for food at the beach. We spent some time there knowning that the remaining hike was 4-5km.

Arrived at Hornvik campsite

We arrived at Hornvik campsite at around 9PM

Lucky we had such an amazing weather. Sweet dreams!