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Iceland 2021 – Part 3: #09 Hike around the Horn at Hornvik


Hike around the Horn along the beach up to the Horn and back via Midfell and Kalfatindur.

Our plan for our Westfjords hike:

Day 1: Arrive at Hesteyri and hike to Budir

Day 2: Hike from Budir to Hornvik with a detour to the cliffs

Day 3: Hike around the Horn at Hornvik

Day 4: Hike from Hornvik to Veidileysufjördur to catch the boat at 10AM

Day 3: Hike around the Horn at Hornvik

Quick facts
Distance21,3 km
Elevation gain764 hm

Start at the Campsite Hornvik

Good morning sunshine

Whole day with awesome landscape. Right from the start we crossed the river towards the waterfall where we started our way to the next waterfall still in the bay of Hornvik.

From this point the path goes along the sea until a small house where the climb up to the horn starts. Up there we relaxed for half an hour until we continued the next climb up to Midfell.

The view from the Horn

Midfell is a kind of plateau where you have an amazing view of Hornvik.

View from Midfell.

From Midfell down to probably the most famous part of the area. The cliffs drop vertical around 300m

One of the most famous parts. The highest point is Kalfatindur

After enjoying the view for quite a while we continued to the highest point of the area: Kalfatindur

Spectacular views from the top, but beware the climb is very steep and difficult, but worth it.

After spending quite some time up the top fog and clouds started to move into Hornvik. At around 7PM we decided to slowly return to Hornvik campsite. While descending we thought we wont see a clear sky anymore.


When arriving back at the waterfall we crossed the river in the morning skies cleared a bit in a mystical way. We prepared dinner before heading back to our tent.

Amazing tour!