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Iceland 2021 – Part 2: #02 Hike Skogar to Landmannalaugar


In 2019 we hiked from Landmannalauagar to Skogar in 3 days. The distance is about 85km with lots of elevation gain. This time we wanted to do the same route the opposite way in 4 days.

If you want to read about our hike in 2019 head on over to 2019:

After a good sleep in the hotel we booked near Hella we started our trip by leaving our car at the Bus Stop in Hella. The Buses were on time leaving to Skogar at around 9AM. Weatherforecast was mixed for that day (sun in the morning, some rain in the afternoon). Our plan for the first day was to hike until Thorsmork via the famous Fimmvorduhals trail. The path climbs up around 1300hm over the pass of Fimmvorduhals, and ends in Thorsmork.

Just after we started the sun said goodbye and the sky went overcast. At least it was dry. The hike along the waterfalls is very nice, but keep in mind the path is only going up until you reach the pass (there is also a small hut with a warden in). To reach the pass its about 12-13km.

Just before the hut (Skali) near the pass the weather started to turn. Fog started to come up and it started to rain/snow.

about 1km before the first hut

The fog was so dense we had to guess where the next trail markers were. Also we were the only ones hiking this route.

After a quick chat with the warden in the hut we put on our rain gear, not knowing whats ahead of us …

The pass and the plateau after was an endless snowfield with visibility close to none. Wind speeds up to 90km/h and heavy rain added up to an uncomfortable hike down towards Thorsmork.

A look back towards the glacier in clouds

When reaching the canyon (last part before Thorsmork) wind picked up once more to around 100km/h but with less rain. After arriving in Thorsmork at the Langidalur Huts we set up our tent for the night.

We felt like hiking through hell walking down the second part of the Fimmvorduhals trail.

Arriving in Thorsmork there was no more wind, no rain and also a bit of blue sky, how ironic 😉

It took us about 10 hours to hike from Skogar to Langidalur Huts, approx. 30km with 1330hm.

Day 2 is up next …