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Iceland 2021 – Part 1: #01 The changes of the volcano since April


Day of arrival:

Weather was decent on arrival, so we decided to have a look at the volcano.

We kind of knew what to expect, because of the webcam streams you find on Youtube and all the buzz around the volcano.

The path to the crater was a different one (C) compared to the one we hiked in April, because A was no longer accessible due to lava flown over it.

Path C is further away. When we arrived we were a bit disappointed, because its really far away now compared to April.

Impressive nontheless. If we wouldnt have seen it in April i guess we would have been impressed 🙂

Last time we were standing on the hill left of the crater and right to it. As you see its almost completely covered by lava.

View from path C

Luckily we had a drone! Now we are talking 😉

The views from above were spectacular, especially when you compare the size. This volcano went to beastmode

View into the crater

All in all a nice start of our trip.

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