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Iceland 2021 – Part 2: #05 Diamond Beach & Vestrahorn


If there is few things to remember from Iceland Diamond Beach and the Jökulsarlon are one of them. We took a day off hiking and stopped there to spend the day at the beach and the Lagoon.

For us its like different every time coming to this magical place.

diamond beach

Birds, Seals, moving ice, ice blocks getting washed onto the black sands…


The funniest thing happend when I went into the cafe to grab a Lobster sandwich (highly recommended). I spotted a few postcards, some of them with the recent eruption at Fagradalsfjall. I looked at it and found us on one of the cards ;). If you look close, look at the yellow jacket. Thats me 😉

diamond beach fagradalsfjall
Us on a postcard. Epic

In the evening we continued to another one of my favorite places: Vestrahorn to stay the night

1AM, just beautiful