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Iceland 2021 – Part 2: #04 Thakgill Hike near Vik


After we returned a day earlier from our newly planned hiking tour we were one day early so we decided to head to Thakgill. The route to Thakgill, theres also a campsite, is mostly a gravel road and takes about 45 minutes from Vik.

We included the Easy Ravine Walk, Austurfretta Range, Remundargil Canyon, Leynir Waterfall and heavy winds on this day 😉

vik camper
Good morning
vik skool beans
Time for some coffee! highly recommended!

The road seemed endless but finally we arrived at the campsite where some trails start.

We decided to hike up to Skaer, which goes along a nice canyon. The trail is known as the yellow trail. Initially we wanted to hike the roundtrip but lost the way at the highest point somewhere around Skaer because of large snowfields.

When we arrived at the Leynir waterfall via the Miotungugil canyon and continued to the ice field (Skaer) storm like winds picked up and we had a flashback to the first day we had at Fimmvörduhals – minus the rain. At this stage we searched for the markings of the trail without luck, so we decided to return the way we came…

We eventually arrived back at the campsite. Before heading to our next stop we opted for lunch at Smidjan Brugghus in Vik (highly recommended beer and burgers).

After great lunch we headed to the Diamond Beach (around 2,5h drive) to spend the next day there.