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Iceland – The active Volcano at Fagradalsfjall

It is our third stay in Iceland. So far we have only been to Iceland in summer at the end of June / beginning of July. That means it never got dark and the temperatures were very pleasant.

This time we decided to travel to Iceland spontaneously because of the volcanic eruption on March 19th, 2021.

Due to Covid 19, the flight offer is relatively low and not on the cheapest side.

Icelandic Regulations regarding COVID

As of April 24th:

Before you start your journey you need a negative PCR test which must not be older than 72 hours. Another test on arrival and another test after five days of quarantine. Very complex but worth it, trust us.

We flew from Frankfurt to Amsterdam with KLM and from Amsterdam to Keflavik with Icelandair.

We can recommend both airlines. We almost missed our connecting flight because we had a piece of luggage on the plane but the passenger was missing. So we started with a delay of 45 minutes but it wasnt the fault of KLM. The stay in Amsterdam is just an hour and we almost missed our connecting flight. The stewardesses were really nice, helpful and super friendly at both airlines.

Arrival in Iceland

It’s April, it gets dark in the evening and the chances of seeing the northern lights are pretty good. But our main goal is the volcano eruption at Fagradalsfjall. It has been active since March 19th, 2021. The volcano looks just amazing and beautiful.

We spent the first night north of Keflavik International Airport. First we picked up our rental car from Lava Car Rental.

We spent our first night in Iceland at this cottage. There are three small houses with a private hot tub and sea view. Cottage 1B is best one because of the location. It’s nice and quiet and in a few minutes you will be standing by the sea. There is a golf course in front of the cottages.

After the first night we went near Olafsvik for our five day quarantine. The Akugerdi is a beautiful little farm with horses. There are four small wooden huts with their own whirlpool and grill on the veranda and you also have a perfect view of the paddocks. It is possible to book riding tours. There are offers for beginners and experienced riders. There is also the possibility of going on a hike on top of the local mountain. After five kilometers you will have a view of a wonderful mountain panorama. If you want you can hike another five kilometers. At the highest point you have a wonderful view of the Eyjafjallajökull and the Vestmannaeyjar Islands. Wonderful to spend some time and enjoy the view. Return the same way.

The owners of the Akugerdi Guesthouse, Sabine and Daniel, are incredibly friendly and helpful and gave us lots of tips for things to do in the area and made all the purchases during our quarantine. In addition to the many horses, there are also two cats and a dog. The cat Flaucki was living at our house during our stay. He is a really cuddly soul.

The anticipation to finally see the active volcano Fagradalsfjall was huge and we were so excited when we received the negative test result after five days and we could finally start going there.

We went to the volcano the same day in the afternoon. We had to drive about an hour from Akurgerdi Guesthouse to the car park where the hike starts.

You can park 10 kilometers east of Grindavik and start the hike to Fagradalsfjall. The hike is five kilometers long and goes up a little steeper twice. After 70 minutes we reached the volcano. However, it may take a little longer depending on your fitness level. The hike is stated to be 1.5-2 hours. We recommend sturdy shoes and good all-weather equipment. The weather can change really quick in Iceland. Have a look in our article which trekking and hiking equipment we recommend. Of course, good photo equipment and a drone are also of great importance. You probably only experience a volcanic eruption like this once in a lifetime.

We were totally overwhelmed when we arrived at the site. It takes a while to grasp the extent of the whole spectacle. It’s spitting and bubbling everywhere. The volcanoes spit lava and sometimes you are overwhelmed and can’t decide where to look first. You can’t put the feeling into words. The best of all is of course to stand here yourself and experience the volcano eruption live. We hope to give you an impression with these pictures.

It is unbelievable when the lava shot through the air, new lava flows formed and flowed down the mountain like a waterfall and you feel the heat getting towards you when you stand only 2-3 meters away. Your face feels toasted. The experience is incredibly emotional and super impressive.

So far we have been at the site four times for about 8 hours. Every day is really different. New lava flows continue to form and others stop. I especially liked it in the evening. The lava glows in every imaginable red and orange colors and it looks and sounds like a big, spectacular firework. We hope that you also have the opportunity to book a flight to Iceland and experience the volcano eruption.

Feel free to plan a few more days because the hiking trail can be closed due to weather or unfavorable wind. We would recommend at least 10 days if you have to go into quarantine for five days. If you have already been vaccinated against Covid 19, this is not necessary.

Check the weather hourly! best at Vedur (App or Website)

Check for regular updates at for important updates regarding possibilty to hike and condition forecast.