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Mont Blanc – Multi day hike along the TMB #2


After a freezing night (approx -5°C) we witnessed an amazing sunrise straight in front of our tent.

We decided to spend the day in the area and hike up to the popular Lac Blanc (also intended to buy some water at the hut) and further up to Lac de la Perserverance at around 2400m.

The Lac Blanc is nice but at daytime there are way too many people around.

As we had everything with us we could hike further up, enjoy silence and come down at dusk when almost everyone was gone.

We enjoyed spending the day at Lac de Cheserys and Lac Blanc, especially with the amazing weather which was supposed to stay like this the next few days.

I have to admit that Lac de Cheserys is my favorite!

The night to come we hiked down to Lac de Cheserys again. And again the night was very cold at approximately -3°C but with less wind this time.

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