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Iceland 2021 – Part 4: #13 Borgafjordur to Vestrahorn


The Puffins at Borgafjördur are awesome. I spent half the day with them before continuing my drive.

This day was packed again. Borgafjördur Eystri to chill with the Puffins. Stops along the Higway 1 were Hengifoss, Eystrahorn and Vestrahorn again.

The drive was about 300km. With all stops I ended up at Vestrahorn at around 10PM

First part: Borgafjördur Eystri

Good morning

Time to enjoy the Puffins in the morning and relax a bit.

Along the way between Varmahild and Akureyri there was such a moody and beautiful landscape I had to stop multiple times to take lots of photos. Still the weather was overcast.


Second part: Borgafjördur to Hengifoss


Impressive Hengifoss.

The view from below.

Beautiful view of Hengifoss from below

Third part: Hengifoss to Eystrahorn


Back at Vestrahorn

Back at Vestrahorn

Beautiful sunset.