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Iceland 2021 – Part 4: #12 The northern route


Waking up without sunshine and rain let me decide to continue to the north of Iceland where it supposed to have slightly better weather.

This day was packed. I drove all the way until Borgafjördur Eystri. Stops along the way were Godafoss, Krafla and finally the Puffins at Borgafjördur.

The drive was very long with about 660km. I dont remember the total time but with all the stops I did along the route I arrived at Borgafjördur at around 2AM next morning.

First part: Kirkjufell to Akureyri

Somewhere between Varmahild and Akureyri

I started from Kirkjufell at around 9AM after realising that the weather wont change for the rest of the day.

Along the way between Varmahild and Akureyri there was such a moody and beautiful landscape I had to stop multiple times to take lots of photos. Still the weather was overcast.

Sometimes looking at the mirror is worth it.

Clouds coming in. Last sunrays for the day

Second part: Akureyri to Godafoss and Krafla


After grabbing some Pizza in Akureyri I continued to the mighty Godafoss.

Lets continue to one of the places I havent been: Krafla

Clouds coming in. Last sunrays for the day

Sunset at Krafla. Unbelievable colors.

Third part: Krafla to Borgafjördur Eystri

Beautiful sunset along the way from Krafla to Borgafjördur at 12AM

Storurd at 1AM with Lupins

After arriving at Borgafjördur I fell asleep immediatley.