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Iceland 2021 Part4: #14 Glaciers in the Southeast


After a beautiful sunset and sunrise I decided to explore glaciers in the southeast: Hoffellsfjöll and Kverkfjöll

First part: Hoffellsfjöll


The drive is a rocky road for about 7-8km. You have to be prepared to drive very slow and careful.

I did not have a 4×4 and you dont need one as long as you are aware of pottholes and big stones.

The river from Hoffell look fantastiv from above.

Glacial rivers from above

Second part: Kverkfjöll


The road to Kverkfjöll is even worse and longer. It seems the glacier is further away.

The road ends and you are still far away from the glacier. I could not reach the trailing edge with my drone around 8km out…

All in all if you have to decide between the two glaciers, go for Hoffelsjökull.

Third part: Back to Eystrahorn and Vestrahorn

Eystrahorn clouds moving in

Above the clouds

Good night.