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Dolomites #05 – Multiday Hike Rosengarten Rifugio Alberto to Tierser Alpl hut


Multiday hike around the Rosengarten. We planned to hike 3 days. The nice thing is there are nice huts along the way (reservation is a must!). Rosengarten offers beautiful scenery in the heart of the Dolomites.

Second day we started from Rifugio Alberto back to the Santner Pass hut for a wonderful sunrise at the Torri del Vajolet. We continued to the Rifugio Passo Principe to do another Via Ferrata named Kesselkogel along the way. It starts at the hut where we left our backpacks. The route goes down on the other side of the mountain so you have to hike extra to return to the same hut. Afterwards we continued our hike to the Tierser Alpl unfortunately this part wasnt so pleasant anymore as there was a storm coming in with rain and thunderstorms. Be prepared for any weather in the mountains! We arrived safely at the hut.

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