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Norway – Knutshoe Hike at Bessegen

We seen lots of beautiful photos from an area called Bessegen. A hike very long but very beautiful. We happened to be around the area but weather was waaay too windy on this day and the path was covered 90% in snow. As this trail is mostly a ridge trail and the hike was officially still closed (usually you take a ferry to Memurubu and hike 15km and 1000m elevation back). The ferry wasnt operating.

We opted for another hike quite close to the area: Knutshoe, a secret tip from a norwegian lady, highly recommended!

The hike up to Knutshoe is 5,7km one way and 650m elevation gain.

Before arriving at the starting point we visited a husky farm to say hello to the beautiful dogs.

The hike is very very beautiful. As soon as you climb up and gain some height, a beautiful scenery starts to unfold. We stopped so many times just to enjoy. The best: we were the only ones (Bessegen is a massive tourist hike in summer, i heard it to be similar to Preikestolen regarding number of tourists)

Wind up there was very strong and cold. It took us about 2:40h to reach the top. This hike had it all: Mountains, frozen lakes, half frozen lakes, snow, sunshine and wind.

After we returned to the starting point we cooked some quick camping dinner, enjoyed the scenery and drove back to our camping spot (same as the night before, 1h from there).