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Norway – Hike to the Trolltunga

After a long drive and short sleep we wanted to start our next adventure. The mighty Trolltunga.

The Trolltunga is a 4,5h drive from Preikestolen to the north. The closest town is Odda, where we camped.

The Odds were against us as the whole trail was covered in snow and not officially open. Locals told us the trail is difficult to follow and find and a guide highly recommended (nope). Additional to that, the car park to start the hike (P3) was still closed and no shuttle was operating. In summer you are able to book a parking spot well in advance at P3.

When the trail is open you can opt to park at P3 which reduces your hike by 4km each way. If you park at P1 or P2 you have to wait for a shuttle or walk the 4km tar road up.

We arrived at 6AM at the lower parking spot P2. There were some locals to check if you pay your fees for the parking 200NOK for parking and 250NOK for the toll road. We asked them if there is some kind of shuttle going up. Luckily one guy showed up with his quad and took us to the starting point for 150NOK per person (4km boring hike saved, yay!).

Up there we started our hike while it started snowing. The weather forecast looked mixed with high winds and not so nice weather in the afternoon.

The hike itself from P3 is 10km one way with an elevation gain of 680hm. Due to the snow it took us about 3,5h to finally reach the Trolltunga. On the path you pass three emergency shelters. When we arrived we met 4 other hikers. When the trail is open there are around 2000 people a day hiking…

The Trolltunga itself is quite safe, but to get to there you have to climb some rock which were covered in a thick layer of ice, so not that easy.

After spending 1h at this beautiful but very windy spot thick clouds moved towards us and it started to snow and wind heavy. There was a group of guided hikers arriving so we decided to seek shelter in the close by emergency shelter to prepare ourselves to return. Winds were picking up even more, so strong the group that just arrived was about to use the shelter so we packed our stuff and started our hike back.

The bad weather was a few hours early :(. At least we had some sunshine on the way towards and at the Trolltunga :). We started to hike back at 12:20PM

We arrived back at the car park at 3PM. So glad we tried and succeeded!

Storm is coming