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Iceland 2023 – Volcano eruption for the third time in Iceland

On July 10th 2023 a new volcano eruption started at the Reykjanes Peninsula for the third time. The area is north of Fagradalsfjall named Litli Hrutur.

I decided to fly to Iceland on July 14th for a few days to experience the new volcano. At first it seemed very promising hiking there, BUT when the plane was about to land in Iceland I read that they closed the whole area at least for the next 1,5 days… :((( BUMMER

What to do in Iceland when you are unable to hike to the volcano? Drive into the Icelandic Highlands to visit Landmannalaugar and enjoy the amazing scenery!

After a nice hike I decided to drive along the F208 to the south crossing multiple rivers with my 4×4. What a scenery!


The next day the area was still closed, so I went to another nice place: Kerlingafjöll along the Road F35.

Unfortunately when i arrived at Kerlingafjöll it started snowing and visibilty was 0. All fogged up :(. All i had was the drive along the beautiful F35.

In the evening i tried to hike to the volcano from the north. The distance was very far 14km one way. After about 8km in, i was stopped by the police and forced to turn around :(. From there i flew the drone to have at least a view of the eruption.

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